Monthly Schedule

Every Tuesday at 7:00 PM

Simulator Training for speed, accuracy, and target acquisition ($30.00 per hour)


Every Thursday at 7:00 PM

Simulator Training for speed, accuracy, and target acquisition ($30.00 per hour)  

Judgemental Training will take place on alternate  Thursdays. ($30.00 per hour)

Sunday Mar 18, 2018 is Basic Pistol and Concealed Carry Class  $50.00  9:00 AM to Noon

Inside the Home Personal Protection Class (Coming in April)  $125.00

Advanced Pistol Training and Intermediate Pistol Training - Please Call or Email Tim to Schedule      (Eye and Ear protection, Concealment Clothing and Holster for your Carry Gun are needed for Class) 

Sunday (???), 2018 is The Armed American Class$50.00  9:00 AM to Noon

Any of the above classes can be for Women Only if you have a group interest.

Upcoming Classes

Basic Pistol & CCW Class

Poker Night

Judgemental Training

Armed American Class 

For info: email or phone.

Civilian & Tactical Training Classes

For information or to enroll in a class, call Tim at 303-551-2903  or Email to

We are now offering prepaid BLACK MAMBA STRIKE CARDS that can be used by you or your family to pay for classes and training.  These are punch cards that come in various denominations and can also be given as gifts.

If you are going to carry, you need to have a strong legal defense team.  We use  U.S. Law Shield. Sign up below with the promo code:    blackmamba 

        Coming in 2018

   More Monthly Events

  • Ladies Night
  • Poker Night
  • Challenge Night
  • Family Night

NEW! School Teachers can take any of our classes and hands on training for   $ 1/2 Price $